Things Amazon Echo Can Do, Google Home Can’t
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Things Amazon Echo Can Do, Google Home Can’t

You must have heard about two most popular smart speakers- Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. Google Home and Amazon Echo both are the fascinating AI-powered devices to simplify day-to-day living. Amazon Echo devices are commonly referred to as “Alexa”. We will brief a bit for those who still haven’t heard these smart and fun gadgets. Essentially, they’re smart speakers that react to your voice for hands-free help around the home. It comes with a voice-enabled feature that allows the device to respond to various questions and commands. This handy tool connected to voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa can deliver varied requirements, for example, latest market updates, play music and control a home’s smart lights, or be shopping for office staples online or simply just order a goods delivery service etc. These smart gadgets can streamline the largest part of house-related processes easily.At my new post you will like the compression between amazon echo and google home. Let’s get started and find the Things Amazon Echo Can Do, Google Home Can’t. Share your opinion below in the comment box if i miss something to mention.


These smart speakers are constructed well to answer user’s questions and act as an entertainment controller. Amazon Echo and Google Home have many benefits. They are both constantly being updated with new improvements and fresh features. However, the Amazon Echo does far more than the Google Home does to improve your home life.

There are major considerations due to which Amazon Echo has been praised as a much better home assistant than Google Home. Here’s a guide in what ways Amazon Echo can do that Google Home can’t.

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Things Amazon Echo Can Do, Google Home Can’t


Things Amazon Echo Can Do, Google Home Can't

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Cost Factors

  • Price is one of the main factors which makes Amazon Echo is the prime choice. Echo prices $180. But there are wide choices of cheaper versions. So if you’re not in a mood to spend on expensive or fancy-pants looking items, you can move your mouse cursor to low-priced versions of the Amazon family. Unlike Alexa, Google Home has no less expensive options. So on price point, Google Home can’t do that Amazon Echo can do.


  •  Amazon Echo gives choice to use third-party speakers but there is no choice to use non-Home speakers with Google Home. Right now Google Home also can’t pair with Bluetooth speakers.

Track Packages 

  • To track the order when you ask Amazon Alexa “Where’s my order?”She’ll tell you the expected day to deliver. Means not only you can order directly with Alexa, but she can also track your packages. However don’t expect that it’ll give you details, like where the package currently is or the status of the shipment. But Google Home lacks this feature completely. When you ask Google Home to trail your order, she gives an only detail that, “I can’t do that yet.” Yet! Google Home doesn’t support delivery notifications. It can’t tell you when something you’ve ordered is out for delivery. On the other hand, Amazon Alexa not only supports notifications of the packages ordered from Amazon but you can also enable notifications for Third-party apps to check delivery status. All this make Amazon Echo a great choice.

Donate to charity

  • Alexa also integrated with the ability to donate to nonprofits. You can now donate between $5 and $5,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the American Heart Association and many other lesser-known charities.

Voice Remote

  • Both Alexa and Google Home are incorporated with far field microphone technology. But Amazon Alexa shows far better voice range capacity. With Alexa, you can interact well outside of typical voice range by using an Alexa remote for $30. To achieve the same thing with Google Home, you would need to buy another Google Home for $129, £129 or AU$199 a pop.

Smart home controls

  • Smart home features are also another main factor where Alexa shines well. It has control of numerous products whereas Google only works with, like, three things right now. Currently, we will consider Alexa a smart home winner.


  •  Amazon Skills are the programs that Alexa uses to perform household tasks. Alexa is quite responsive with third-party developers while on the other side Google Home will offer you what they decide to give you. Third party support is almost missing in Home.
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Apart from these, there are still lots of other things that make Alexa a better gadget.

Amazon Echo can easily switch accounts to another person with a voice. Amazon Echo just has to say switch account. Google Home needs to use a computer or smartphone to log out, and then log back in as someone new to do this. Amazon Echo can read all sorts of kindle books. Google Home can’t read kindle books.

No doubt, Alexa is a perfect choice for those who want the innovative luxury of a robot running your life. If all you’re looking to include the right choices in your home to optimize your work, to live a better life, Amazon Echo an innovative gadget will serve you well. Alexa will stay for long.


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