Top 10 Web Design & Development Community News Blogs
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Top 10 Web Design & Development Community News Blogs

There are many blogs and websites providing information about the web design and development industry. However as there are many websites and blogs giving information in this field, so it is hard to get readers to read your particular blog or website. Moreover the concept that if the blog is just excellent, readers will automatically start visiting the website or blog is an old and outdated concept. It simply does not work like that anymore. Today it is crucial for a website to promote and advertise itself to its readers in order to draw attention and be visited by internet users. There are many techniques to increase the traffic at a website and promote the website. One of the techniques to achieve this is Community News in website design.

What is Community News?

Community news in website design is a cool feature that can be added to a website that caters to two needs of a website. Community news helps create more traffic towards the website and also helps create valuable and regular content for the website. Let us see how community news helps websites. The website offers the readers and experts in the field to provide content for the website. There are many individuals in the field of website design and development that have expert knowledge in the field of web design. However they do not get the platform or readers to read the information they provide via articles, tutorials and other related content that they provide on the net due to less traffic and weak search engine optimization. The websites seek content and latest information from these individuals and if approved, links this content to the website.

This is a win-win situation for both the website that offers community news in website design as well as individuals that provide content for the website. The individuals get their articles and content viewed by more users and thus will be able to reach a larger audience. The website will get more popularity and traffic from users that submit content as well as readers who visit the website again and again to see the latest updated content. Content will be uploaded faster as there are more contributors of information to the website. It is beneficial to the readers as well because they will be able to get new articles, tutorial, tips and other useful information which is regularly updated by the website.


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Account Based and Non Account Based Community News

The websites which offer a community news platform are of two types. One is a community news website that offers contributors to submit content by creating an account. Usually these websites are not only restricted to the field of web design but have contributors providing information in various fields. There are also many web design community news websites that offer contributors a chance to submit content directly through the contact form page without starting an account.

Download Community News

By using the method of community news many websites have achieved great success which is beneficial for the website, the contributors as well as for the readers.

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