Top 10 Photo Editing Apps For Android
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Top 10 Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photo editing is nowadays a common need in every smartphone. Doesn’t matter if you are a shutterbug or just want to make your pictures look better than original, almost everyone uses a photo editing app. Today we will talk about the top 10 photo editing app for android smartphones.

1. PicSay

This app is a great one for those who aren’t looking for in depth changes and paid apps for editing. PicSay has various features along with the regular contrast, brightness and hue adjustments. Some of them are Distort, Spotlight, Pixelize, Invert and Rainbow. The ability for creating word balloons is something which really sets the app apart from other apps. PicSay is a free app and thus makes it a very attractive choice for casual photo editors.

2. PicSay Pro

The former app also has a paid version, and this one can make your pictures not just look good, but also extremely unique and viral. PicSay Pro allows you all the functionality available in the free version and includes some other detailing abilities like red eye fixing and masked effects.

3. Pixlr-O-Matic

This free photo editing app for android is best known for its variety in photo filters, and light filters. Along with that it allows you to add frames for the edited photos making them look even more better. This app is a sister of Screencast-o-matic and has no ads coming in between. However for multiple filters you will need to load the photo every time after an editing is done.

4. Little Photo

Easier to use than the above mentioned apps, Little photo is free and simple photo editor designed for casual photographers who just want their clicks to look good. There are a few options for advanced shutterbugs like multiple exposure and burn spot.

5. PhotoShake Pro

This paid app allows you to basically create numerous collages with your photos. By shaking the phone you can make the selected pictures to to come in random arrangements, thus the name Photoshake. This app allows choosing backgrounds and frames for the photos and you can share them of social networking sites pretty easily.

6. AfterFocus

AfterFocus allows you to have your photos look as if they have been taken from a DSLR! Along with object focus there are other stuff like background focus which will make your photos look more professional than ever. All of this in a free android app!

7. Awesome Miniature Pro

If you want some more options like tilt shifting to make your photos look even better after the use of AfterFocus then you can use this paid app. You can use tilt shifts in different formats and also strengthen or weaken the blur. There is a free version available but its not as good as other freebies in the market.

8. TouchRetouch Free

The sole purpose of this app is to act like an eraser and delete elements in the photo which you don’t want. However the free version has various limitations so its better to go for the paid one for a small price which is going to be our next app.

9. TouchRetouch

Along with the features of the free version this app also allows you to have a Clone Stamp function. Along with that the photo is saved in full resolution thereby not compromising on picture quality. All in all a great buy for a small price.

10. PicsPlay Pro

This is the best photo app so far. With a studio which has around 200 filters and a great UI this app would probably beat all the other apps in the market by a mile. Along with the regular functions available in all photo editing apps, it allows you to quickly compare your edited photo with the original one. To search for more apps sky helpline helps you to provide better broad-banding services in U.K.

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