Top 10 Marketing Tools for Startup & Small Business
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Top 10 Marketing Tools for Startup & Small Business

If you are planing to run a business then of course you have to make plan and business strategies. I know you have already prepared But sometime we ignored small things when we start a business. This is the right place for beginners of media and business marketing persons. At we offer best business tips, top marketing tools, content marketing tips of every year and other business strategies as well. This is my motto to offer best thing on my blog.

I hope this post will be beneficial for newbie in the business. Keep enjoying reading this post and don’t forget to share it on your social networking sites. Find below top marketing tools for small business.


1. Short & Informative Intro

Short & Informative Intro – Your intro must be around 10 to 20 words, When you use your name, company name, and your title, Finally you’ve got a great introduction.

2. Business Card

Business Card – What! Really you don’t have business card yet. Are you really serious about your business?
Your business card is your next identity and it shows that how much serious your are about your business. At the very least, it includes your name, title, company name, email address, phone number, and mailing address. These are basics and professional need for any business card.

3. Website

Website – Do you have a business website? Doesn’t matter what you are selling if you don’t have business website. A website will give you chance to enhance your sales day by day.

4. Face behind of Business

Face behind of Business – People get more curious to know about the owner of the particular business. Always put your picture with smiley face When you make / share your pamphlets, brochures, company cards, book etc.

5. Menu of Service / Price list

Menu of Service / Price list – This is good if you have shared your services, but it will be more great when you will share price list of every services. You can show your monthly, quarterly and yearly plan. So client get more aware to know about your business.

6. Contact Cards

Contact Cards – Use contact cards to follow up a first meeting, thank for a sale, congratulate on a milestone, or just stay in touch. Remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust, and what better way to build a relationship than with charming hand-written notes?

7. Signature Line

Signature Line – Email message / Signature is the best way to marketing. Make sure you have include you contact information. Also you can include upcoming event, speech or link to your website.

8. Letter Templates

Letter Templates – Save your time by creating letter template for your client, vendors and for your most frequently occurring communication situations. You’ll save time, and never have to rack your brain wondering if you included all the necessary information.

9. Scripts

Scripts – Have you made your business script? If not, then this is the right time to make a script when you start business calls, reply on voice mails, and more. It gives you best ideas to show your services to client.

10 . Client’s Testimonial

Client’s Testimonial – If you have great numbers of satisfied clients then show their feedback on your website. It will be helpful for new clients.

Hope you enjoying to read this post and keep share it n your social networking sites. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions and queries.

Savita Singh is the author of computergeekblog, She has a superlative knowledge of Graphic and Web designing. She is a part time and award winning tech blogger who loves to write about latest technology, social media and web design. Her blog focuses on creative things of designing and tech, providing professional opinions on designing products, performances and a variety of business.

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