Top 10 Story Driven Website Designs
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Top 10 Story Driven Website Designs

Today there are many websites that play out like a story and as we navigate through the websites it is like flipping through pages of a great book. These types of websites are becoming very popular as there is continuity to the web pages of the website that keeps the users interested. The following are top 10 Story Driven Website design on the internet.

1. Pi’s Epic Journey

There are series of pictures and illustrations that are put forth on the website in a comic book layout with a scroll bar navigation that describes the showcase of the journey of Pi. Life of Pi was an amazing movie filled with visual effects that won many international awards in 2012-13 awards season.


2. Find Your Way To Oz

A neat website designed by Chrome experiment team at Google and Disney. The website is designed like a circus and the users can navigate through the circus and play.

oz-computergeekblog (1)

3. Ben- The Bodyguard

A great iPhone app and website, Ben-The Bodyguard protects user data and walks down the street explaining various scenarios and uses of the app.

ben-computergeekblog (1)

4. Black Negative

This website has individualnavigation for each webpage and the users get the opportunity to discover and play around the website. 

black-neg-vomputergeekblog (1)

5. My Life in 20 Years

My life in 20 years is a really cool website where when you login through Facebook on the Website it uses your Facebook data and predicts your life in 20 years.

20years-computergeekblog (1)

6. Hexaedro

This story driven website uses creative navigation, big images and outline illustrations to tell a story in a great style .

hexaedro-computergeekblog (1)

7. Google Guidebook

This website is created by Google to give the users an idea of the various products of Google. It is an interactive website that has easy navigation and it is designed in a form of a guidebook giving details to the person reading it.

guidebook-computergeekblog (1)

8. NASA Prospects

This is a really cool website that takes the user on a journey of an astronaut from one planet to another. Each planet has its own style of music and the story of the planet is expressed in a musical way.

nasa-computergeekblog (1)

9. Get Going – Drexel University

This website takes you on a journey of the life of a student at the university with words of wisdom at every juncture, nice music and a great creative navigation and visuals.

drexel-computergeekblog (1)

10. ParaNorman

ParaNorman is a great comic website with an easy sideways scroll to the next page. Users can interact with each other and also converse on the website.


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