Top 10 Tips on Using the Facebook Paper App
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Top 10 Tips on Using the Facebook Paper App

Facebook Paper is a standalone app that is introduced and created by Facebook which is currently available for the App Store market for Apple smartphone and tablet devices at the moment. The app is an attempt by Facebook to create a phone based equivalent to the newspaper or magazine. The app was announced recently in the end of January and released for iOS devices in early February 2014. The app has so far received some great responses from tech experts all over the world. The following are some tips for using the Facebook Paper App:

10 Tips on Using the Facebook Paper App

1. This is a new app with various different components so the best way to start using Facebook Paper is to carefully follow the initial tutorial guide video that will highlight the components of the app, on how to use them and what all is available in the app.

2. Ignoring the tutorial video and trying to understand the app on your own may take more time. Having said that not everything is explained in the video, so after seeing the tutorial discovering components on your own is a good idea to get familiar with the app.

3. Remember that the Facebook Paper app is a combination of newsfeed and newspaper into one app.

4. Facebook Paper is very different from the regular Facebook app as you now navigate through the feed with horizontal swipes, instead of vertically to get a better user experience.

5. It is also important to remember that when you click on a story it now takes up the entire screen to give the users a better experience of viewing the said story.

6. One of the important tips while using the Facebook Paper app is the news section. The News Section collects news stories from major news agencies and broadcasters and particular posts news stories that the company’s editorial wants its users to view. So besides stories of your friends, this is a great app to catch up on happenings around the world.

7. Facebook Paper is not just for viewing stories and news feed but also includes notifications, friend’s requests and messenger. There is also a Timeline view in Facebook Paper that is dramatically different from the one you are used to seeing on your regular Facebook app.

8. There is no events or groups feature in Facebook Paper app as compared to the regular Facebook App.

9. This is a great App designed by Facebook especially for people who get their news from Facebook and mostly visit the Facebook app on mobile. So if users are looking for a great experience that combines news feed and actual news then this is a great app.

10. Using Facebook Paper is an alternative app for Facebook users who are looking to view their news feed and news from major news sources in a much better layout and design.

This new app by Facebook is part of improving their presence on the mobile smartphone and tablet platforms that are more commonly used today all over the world.

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