Top 10 Ways To Avoid Virus On Your Phones
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Top 10 Ways To Avoid Virus On Your Phones

Our mobile phone is our life line. We are dependent on our phone and use it more often than any other appliance. With the advancement in technology, most people have opted for smart phones which possess a lot many features than any ordinary mobile phone. You can access the internet, check your emails, make memos, video chat, voice chat, phone banking, and log on to instant messengers and play many games. These phones also enable you to download many complicate applications which serve a variety of functions. These can be described as mini computers.

Since these phones use a very advanced technology and can be connected to the internet, they are also very vulnerable and can be attacked by viruses. Just as you protect your computer against viruses, you need to secure your phone as well, so that you don’t lose out on important information and your personal details are not misused by someone else. Here are the Top 10 ways to Avoid Virus on Your Phones:

Anti-Virus Software

Installing an anti-virus You can install an anti-virus software or a firewall from a reputable company on your phone to secure your phone. Nowadays many anti-virus types of software are available for the operating system of mobile phones. Norton provides mobile security. You can check the website and get the Norton contact number and talk to an expert regarding the options that are available.


Scan your phone against Virus attacks once you have installed anti-virus software on your phone, do remember to run a scan every now and then to look out for any viruses.

Play Safe

Play Safe while playing interactive games through your phone, do not share personal information such as Pay Pal information or other passwords. Some gaming sites will try to lure with lucrative offers but do not fall prey to them, since hackers, malware viruses, worm viruses and Trojan viruses find these a very easy target.

Automatic Updates

Always turn on the feature of automatic updates for the operating system of your mobile and all other mobile applications. Install the updates as soon as possible.

Unsolicited Links

Always visit websites which are reliable and reputed do not click on links and attachments which are advertisements or which offer to reward you with a lump sum amount of money. One should never click on unexpected or unsolicited links.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wisely always log out of websites when surfing the internet on your mobile. Always remember to turn off the Bluetooth when it is not in use.

Installing Any Upgrades

Be very careful when you allow any third party applications to access personal information You must read the permission requests before installing any upgrades for applications or installing new applications. They should not contain any unusual requests.

Public Wireless

Avoid using public wireless networks you should always try to avoid using public wireless networks since they may not have a high level of security as your home network. This makes them an easy access for viruses and hackers.


Choose your phone wisely always choose a mobile phone from a reputed and branded mobile company and ensure that the phone has an IMEI number.

Type of Network

Choose the correct network type Many Wi-Fi networks prompt you to choose the type of network Home, Public or Work. You should always choose a public network while using a public network, since this will lock the connection and make it more secure.

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