Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Artist Page in 2017
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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Artist Page in 2017

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Facebook Fan Page Tips


Get-more-facebook-fans-CGBPromotion and Marketing are today as important as an artist’s talent, as without proper promotion an artist will never be able to be successful. There are various forms of marketing that are used for the promotion of an artist. One of the new methods of promotion that reaches the artist’s target audiences is social media marketing. Almost all artists whether they are internationally famous artists or small time local artists, they have a Facebook fan page for promotion of their talent. The target audiences on Facebook today are very important to the artist to showcase their talent and so having a great Facebook page improves the chances of success for an aspiring artist. They also help internationally and nationally acclaimed artists to keep up their fan following. The following are the top 10 ways to improve the Facebook Artist Page:

Here are top reasons why you should start your Facebook artist page for 2016. 

  1. Brand Awareness – Title of your page should be relevant to your business Here is mine Facebook Artist Page
  2. Wide Audience – Once people start to engage on published post on facebook page then their friends will see that post on their page. This is the best way to increase the audience.
  3. Real Time News- Sometimes users are not interested to read daily updates about blogs so share something real like unique sales about business, latest art and more.
  4. Traffic to your Website – You can easily add direct link to your tech blog and website.
  5. Statistics – Facebook artist page have statistic about your posts click, views, like & dislike. So you can find out what actually work and not to work.
  6. Advertise – If you want to run ads and have limited budget than facebook is best choice to run paid ads cheaper than Google.
  7. Contest – You can use apps to run any contest on facebook. Try out this is most interesting thing on facebook page.
  8. Call to Action – Insert call to action button as per your business needs. Book Now, Call Now, Shop Now, Visit and more.

How to Use your Facebook page for Business

1.Posting Regularly

Updating the page regularly is the key to keeping people interested in the page. Great content on the page that is regularly updated regarding the artist and the work of the artist will keep the fans engaged. Getting friends and family to Like your posts and then share your regularly updated posts helps you reach a wider audience.

Here is tips – How to Create Facebook Business Page

2.Profile and Timeline

Completing the profile on the Artist page is very important. Fill up all the bio and also set up links to the artist website and artists work web pages in the “About” section. This will help the fans to directly click on the artist websites through Facebook and it will help in promotion. Also fill up the timeline well. Add all the events especially events related to the artist’s journey on the timeline of the fan page in the form of a story to make it interesting to read for the fans.

3.Visual Appeal

The visual appeal of the fan page of Facebook has to be fantastic as it helps drawing fans towards the page. Create a Brand for your talent and this brand must be visible in the header as well as in images that you post on the fan page of Facebook. The pictures must represent the talent for example if you are a musician put pictures of concerts where you have performed and also album covers and music pictures. Keep updating pictures and try and select attractive pictures. Visual content in the form of pictures is more appealing than posts.

4.Type of Posts

The posts must be engaging and interesting. The fans will comment on engaging posts which will help in promotion. A great idea is to combine text with images and create quotes+ image post which is very popular today. Also another excellent way of posting to attract audiences is to post a promotional post feature which promotes the artist’s work like for example a clip of the latest song.

5.Accessibility and Preference given to Fans

Make the fan page easily accessible to the fans on Facebook by customizing the URL and making it professional as well as easily accessible to fans. Another method of improving the artist page is by giving preferential treatment to fans who like the page. A musician for example can give free song downloads for people who “Like” the page and sign up. This will give the artist information about email address of fans for future promotional activity.

6.Keep Learning and Improving

Get to know the audiences of Facebook. Once you learn about the type of target audience you can post content on the Facebook page accordingly. There are many successful artists on Facebook who have created really amazing Fan Pages for themselves on Facebook. Go through these pages to see ideas for your page.

7.Make Content Interesting

The Bio is what the fans read first when they visit the page. Make it short and interesting and ask for professional help for a great bio if necessary. If your personal content is running low you need to keep updating regularly. A great idea is to share posts and images from other people and pages that are related to the fan page which will be liked by the fans.


Many Facebook users as well as smartphone users all over the world love latest apps. By installing great apps on the Fan page it will draw more fans to the page. For example for a musician, installing a good music app on the fan page will help the fans listen to the musician’s music on the fan page itself. There are many music oriented apps available on Facebook that can be used by the musicians for their pages.

9.Managing Posts

An important part of managing the Facebook artist page is managing the Fan page. Highlight and Pin important posts on the page. This will help them remain visible for longer time so that more people are likely to see them. Also take the time in replying to fans comments and posts as it makes the fans feel like you care about their opinions and this will help to create a loyal fan base on Facebook.

10.Marketing Appeal

A simple content calendar helps make the content look very organized. Include different types of content regularly so that it does not get boring. At least 5 types of content should be there to make the content look interesting and different every time. A musician for example can post text, images, videos, links to artist websites, latest news of the artist’s future plans etc. This will increase the appeal of the website. Another great idea is to post track able links using services like Bitly. This will help you make cool URL and also track the social media marketing strategy.

A great Facebook Artist Page helps the artist create a loyal fan base using Facebook and social media marketing. It helps the artists interact with their target audiences easily through Facebook and helps in the marketing and promotion of the artist’s talent.

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