Top 10 Web Design Galleries of 2013
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Top 10 Web Design Galleries of 2013

You will find a list of top 10 web design galleries for your inspiration and experience. They contain numerous examples of modern design. What you will also find in this post are the main trends in web design in 2013, which you will see in websites showcased in my top 10 web design galleries.

Creating astonishing modern designs today is not only about your personal designer talent, creativeness, and hard work. It’s also about being au courant. It means that you always have to keep yourself in touch with what is going on in the world of web design right now. What are the current trends? What can be expected? What people absolutely love and why? You must always know the answers to these questions.

What you will see in 2013 web design galleries?

Year 2013 brought some directional trends that one cannot ignore. A trend is something working, popular and continuous. You won’t be wrong saying that all trends originate from something unique, and you have to set something unique yourself. But first you have to know the live picture to see what it misses. This way you can come up with something new.

Or you can follow the latest trends and create things that will attract crowds only because there are things proven themselves to work just perfect. Statistics cannot be wrong. And if the rankings say, for example, that people love flat design today, it is true.


Let’s take a very brief tour in web design trends of 2013.

I’m not going to bring you into details, as there are gigabytes of information on the web about the latest trends in web design. I will just point out several most common ones:

Responsive design – There are endless talks on the web about responsive design of websites. They say that RD is something you cannot live without, that it brings great experience on any resolution of device, that number of mobile visits keeps growing constantly… And you know what? They are right!

One page design – The main aim here is to pull all the necessary content in a single page. Remember that this trick works only if there’s not much content.

Less is more – Minimalistic design is highly valued in 2013. Everything simple & clear. Nothing distracts a visitor from main thins. Writing shares this matter. It is always more difficult to use less words, but put more sense in them.

Infinite scrolling – Probably the most trending feature of 2013. Sometimes it fits in absolutely great. But there are situations when it is better to have an end point.

Large image backgrounds – In my opinion this trend is overestimated. Must be a matter of my personal taste. Yet people love it and one cannot set it at defiance.

Skeuomorphism pushed out by Flat Design – Flat design has been around for a long time already and there are theories that it will soon die. Yet today it is prime. And Windows 8 and iOS 7 with their designs only pour oil on flames.

Web Design Galleries

The theory is of course great, but you must see the live examples to figure out how it all works. You can spend countless hours browsing through all variety of websites to find the most interesting ones. Luckily there is a solution: web design galleries. These are web pages that incorporate the most outstanding and prominent web designs. There you will find awesome examples of web design that will bring you the inspiration to create your own great works.

These galleries are constantly being submitted with something fresh and juicy. There you will find tons of excellent pieces of web design. The selection criteria are different at different websites, so I will show you my top 10 web design galleries of 2013.


Probably the most reasonable web design gallery. What makes so significant is that the selection of the best is made by a jury, consisting of experienced designers, bloggers and agencies. The score is formed from design, creativity, usability and content. I think it is the fairest scheme.


The focus on this website is made on the works, without unnecessary distractions. It is an inspiring selection of the best websites, created with HTML and CSS. Website has very handy filters for the content.


Thousands of websites are submitted to annually. But, as they claim, only the best ones pass the filters of quality, innovation, and creativity. The design of a website itself does not distract the visitor from the nest web design examples. That’s a good point.



This gallery itself is a perfect piece of minimalistic design. New uploads are made every day. They look for cleanliness and simplicity, and are kind of offensive to excessive Flash. Yet they appreciate reasonable Flash implementation. Gallery has tens of categories of styles, types, subjects, and platforms for your choice.


“Less is more”, “Doing more with less” those are mottos for this gallery. An incredible selection of designs, where everything is clear and simple. Take a look at their logo. It speaks for itself! A great feature of this gallery is “Public choices” category, which contains user’s selection.


This gallery includes websites, which succeed in combining the best practices of design, web standards, and CSS. The main accent is made on the issue that not only an outstanding design is important, but web standards as well. CSSbased also provides its visitors with design resources, so that they can learn more about the technologies.


Another interesting gallery is It showcases the best single page designs on the web. All these websites provide user with enough information in one page. You can choose from a number of categories. Each website is accompanied by a short review.


A website gallery to inspire us to make better websites. The unusual feature of this gallery is that the websites’ screenshots are quite huge. Of course fewer examples can be shown in one page, but you see the designs very clear. This may be not the best solution, but an outstanding one. It has its style. What is really cool is filter by colors. It’s amazing that you can find websites of a desired color.


I couldn’t stand showing you another gallery of minimalistic designs. Today it includes 1,200+ website designs meant to inspire you to make simple, minimalist designs. Gallery includes 42 categories and top 10 most liked websites. It is a remarkable source of experience and inspiration.


Established in 2000 it is a most viewed website award program ever. As well as it uses the opinion of competent judges to award designs. Be sure that the websites awarded by are really the best. It showcases a Site Of The Day each day and then selects Site Of The Month at the end of each month. They further enter People’s Choice Award at the end of a year. It is almost a bottomless source of inspiration.

I hope you will find top 10 web design galleries of 2013 useful. I’m sure it will be a source of inspiration and ideas for your designs. If you have other resources with best website designs, be my guest, share them with us in comments.

Savita Singh is the author of computergeekblog, She has a superlative knowledge of Graphic and Web designing. She is a part time and award winning tech blogger who loves to write about latest technology, social media and web design. Her blog focuses on creative things of designing and tech, providing professional opinions on designing products, performances and a variety of business.

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