Top Best iPad Learning Apps for Children
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Top Best iPad Learning Apps for Children

From learning the alphabet, building vocabulary to learning foreign languages and even starting on computer coding it seems there really is an app for everything language based to boost your child’s education. And just as there are many supporting apps for language based learning there are also lots to choose from for other core subjects such as history, science, nature and maths to name just a few. Of course the key to such apps being successful is that they build the learning into fun games and activities. The children hardly notice they are learning because they are having too much fun. So if you were worried that kids playing ‘games’ on their iPads meant an endless barrage of mindless space invaders you can rest assured that there’s a whole lot more you can keep them entertained with.


Get a second, third, fourth language

iPads apps are a great way to deliver language lessons. It has long been held that it is easier to learn languages when you are younger so it is no surprise to find so many language apps among the top learning apps for children. From Kids Learn Spanish with busuu aimed at 4-7 year-olds to Kids Learn Mandarin Beginner for 2-8 year olds it seem that you really are never too young to learn. And with the lessons delivered in mini games and quizzes there is much to enjoy along the way.

Call all aspiring web developers

It is not just spoken languages that are found among popular learning apps. Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior is a free app to get children started with JavaScript as a way into learning computer coding languages. If you secretly harbour ambitions to get paid cash for your iPad app ideas why not start developing them yourself? If your kids can start to learn coding skills at such a young age then what is stopping you?

You do the math

Maths can be one of those subjects that children either get or they do not and once they have it in their heads that maths is ‘hard’ it will only get harder to grasp. But introducing key maths principles into games is a great way to boost understanding without the perceived difficulty of the subject itself being present. There are loads of maths based learning apps available for children covering everything from basic arithmetic to learning geometry.

Nurture nature

While no one would deny that nothing beats getting outdoors to explore nature for real there are some great learning apps to help boost your children’s knowledge of nature such as the Dr Seuss themed app On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects. Or if it’s the basics of learning animal names that you need, then Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles are a great way to get started.

These are just a sample of some of the best iPad learning apps for children, some apps are free to download others have a cost. It has never been easier to have learning at your fingertips.

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