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Top Indian Technology Bloggers

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The world of blogging is constantly getting bigger and bigger, and with time new people are getting greatly interested in tech related jargons, these accounts for the main significant surge in technological blogs in the past few years. Hence, for the readers, the main aim is to search and ort those blogs that are worth their time. Thus, to help you all on this issue, we have created a list of top tech bloggers in India. Getting on the top position isn’t easy, because of the fact that India has a great amount of internet users. So, here’s a compiled list of India’s top 10 tech bloggers:-

NOTE:- I am not sure about the income but after research i noticed that it would be estimated monthly income. 

Top Indian Bloggers

1. AMIT AGARWAL – Perhaps he can be called India’s face of blogging. His name is well known to all and he has gained significant success since 2004 in his field. His name is clearly mentioned in the world’s top 10 blogger’s list. And also world top Adsense earners. His earnings are $60,000 per month.

Blogger Name Amit Agarwal
Monthly Earning $60,000

2. HARSH AGRAWAL – Harsh is currently gaining a lot of popularity through blogging. He is well known for his highly informative and complete writing style. His style of writing includes writing on any of the topic, doing full research on it and then writing a blog. His monthly estimated incomes are $80,000 per month.

Blogger Name Harsh Agarwal
Monthly Earning $80,000

3. Rajesh Namase – Rajesh is an awesome niche blogger, who mostly writes on niche topic gadgets. Starting his career in 2007, his main blog Rajesh Namase has a high DA and gets handsome earnings. His monthly income is estimated to be $26000 per month.

Blogger Name Rajesh Namase
Monthly Earning $26,000

4. IMRAN UDDIN – He is the founder of and CEO of Alltehcmedia and his blogs are currently gaining a lot of popularity. Since his articles are really informative and give valuable information, his page AlltechBuzz has more fans of the royal visitors. His estimated earnings are nearly $10000 per month.

Blogger Name              Imran Uddin
Monthly Earning $10,000

5. RAJU PP – He is a really passionate writer who believes in the idea of KISS( keep it simple stupid ). Initially having worked as a Technical Specialist in Infosys, his blogs are extremely helpful and simple to understand. He also founded the site

Blogger Name Raju PP
Monthly Earning Not Sure

6. PANKAJ AGARWAL – If you note the top earning lists for bloggers, Pankaj will surely be in one of the top positions. Having quite a different niche, he aims at selling and buying ads. His per month is $58000 per month.

Blogger Name Pankaj Agarwal
Monthly Earning $580,000

7. ROHIT LANGDE – His main blogs are those for which has a site linking of 622. He mainly aims at writing software blogs and earns $7500 per month.

Blogger Name Rohit Langde
Monthly Earning $7500

8. ARUN PRABHUDESAI – Trak, a successful blog of present times is written by this blogger, who also is an avid internet geek and an IT professional since 1996 which earns him $21000 per month. Being in the IT sector for more than a decade he’s also taken a plunge into entrepreneurship. His main aims are new business trends in India, and start-ups with Indian taste.

Blogger Name Arun Prabhudesai
Monthly Earning $210,000

9. JASPAL SINGH – He is one of the most fast growing blogger of our times writing designing articles mainly for With a keen eye for designing, he explains the most complex points with utmost simplicity. These quality blogs earn him $16000 per month.

Blogger Name Jaspal Singh
Monthly Earning $16,000

10. HARLEENA SINGH – Her name is very common and popular in the blogging community of India and worldwide. Her popular blogs on Aha!NOW have also been awarded as top 10 best personal development blogs of 2014.

Blogger Name                    Harleena Singh
Monthly Earning Not Sure

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The bloggers here have been listed according to their popularity, Alexa ranks, page views and earnings, and many such factors. Not only these, India currently witnessing many a more quality tech bloggers like Avinash Kaushik, Shradha Sharma, Neil Patel and many more.

On a concluding note, we would suggest you that if you want to be a blogger for money, you must remember money making depends on the bloggers knowledge and their ability to share it effectively with the readers. This list has been developed with the sole purpose to benefit the readers if they are searching for similar lists or topics. So money or not, “Do Read” these blogs from these known experts; learn and gain experience from them and become successful blogger yourself; who knows, the next list might have your name on it!

These tips are sufficient to make your page move up in the search engine search.

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