Top Technical Must-Haves for your Conference Presentation

Top Technical Must-Haves for your Conference Presentation

Whether you are hosting, a guest speaker or a paying guest, a conference is a place to network and share industry knowledge that can be highly beneficial to all involved. If you are someone who will be speaking at the event you will want to make the best impression possible. There are a number of steps that you can take to get the best results and you may be able to secure business due to a professional and solid presentation.

Have a Solid Plan

When a date has been set for the conference make sure that you put a plan in place with deadlines so that you will be fully prepared by the time the date rolls around. Set realistic targets and make a note of everything that needs to be completed including research, slideshow development and the hiring of equipment. This way you will not forget anything essential and you can tick each task off once it has been completed.

Invest in the Equipment

The way your presentation looks is one of the most vital points when it comes to a conference. It is likely that there will be a number of other speakers, all with slideshows and extra notes. So you want to make sure the audience go away with a great impression of you personally and consider you a valuable member to the industry. Stage set designs may look expensive, but by sourcing the right company you can have a stunning set without paying a hefty price.

If you are playing the host, a wise idea would be to look into event management technology from PSG as they have a huge range of equipment available to achieve the best results possible. They can offer complete technical AV support, venue sourcing and also live video webcasting.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have completed all of the preparation for your talk, the next step is to practice as you do not want to leave it until the day of the conference. Practice by yourself at first to pick up any areas which you feel should be altered. Once you are happy, then trial it in front of friends and family. They may be able to pick up mistakes and help to improve the way in which the presentation is carried out. It will also help you to develop your confidence for talking in front of people as even if you feel you are completely comfortable, friends and family can be the hardest critics. They know you the best and can therefore be honest with their concerns.

Prepare Your Pockets

You have put in a huge amount of work to your presentation and have spent hours pondering over it, so why would you waste all that effort not being prepared for the day? No doubt you will have questions to answer at the end of your time slot and people may approach you afterwards to ask advice or to create a business relationship. Make sure you have a stack of business cards available to hand out to people as well as a small pouch to place in the ones you receive. Networking is a crucial part of these events and is something you should not forget.

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