TopoApp – Location Sharing App Review

TopoApp – Location Sharing App Review

Hey Buddies, Here i come with my new review post about TopoApp – Do you know about it? No worries I am here to tell you everything about TopoApp. This is most amazing location sharing topoapp that i am still using. How good when everything possible thing on your finger tips. So let’s get started and check the benefits of Topoapp and why you should install in in your smartphone also why you should recommended to others.

TOPOAPP : Addresses On Finger Tips

Location sharing and getting to know the desired location of a particular store or an individual has been of great importance in today’s world. People in today’s digital world are sharing lots of information with the usage of the internet which tends to make them closer. It is basically bridging a gap between humans with other material or humans.
In today’s hectic life it is essentially required to reach the desired destination on time. In addition to that getting to know the location of the individuals who we love the most will add greater importance to that.


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☞ TOPOAPP: Benefits for Public

TOPOAPP is an amazing application which allows its users to create their own unique ids which can help them to represent themselves over the internet to their colleagues. People using this application can utilize the application to find various places like restaurant, home address, and office address and so on. All these things will be found at your fingertips which make one’s life easy.

As one can find the desired location at their fingertips by use of the TOPOAPP application it will ensure that you reach the desired location on time without any kind of delay. You will get all the necessary instructions which are required to reach the desired destination on time or within a specified time frame.

In addition to that one can even share their own ID over this application. This will help their colleagues to find them in case of need and reach to the spot where you are located. This will help you to remain connected to your friends whenever you need.


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☞ Additional features of using TOPOAPP

Navigating to the desired places within the specified time frame and keeping in touch with your colleagues live are the basic features of the TOPOAPP. In addition to that, there are few features which can help you to make your life easier. One can even book a cab directly by using this application. It will make your cab available to you in the least possible time.

As you get your desired cab you can find various ATMs which are around you or find the desired places to eat. It will even show you the places from where one can shop and many of such places which can give you the desired pleasure around the location where you are currently located. Thus it will relieve your stress of travelling far enough to find different places of one’s interest.

Once you are connected with your colleagues this application also provides the feature to check out who is currently arriving at your location. This will help you to know before anyone arrives at your location and thereby allowing you to have a safe time interval for the same. You can check their current location and at what rate they are travelling towards you.

Website :

Play Store link:
☞ Release Date: The amazing app will be launched on 13th January 2018.

Customers Feedback


Why should I use TOPO?

1. When you use what’s App to share your current location 50-100meters deviation will be there, with in that 50-100 mts it’s very difficult to find out exact location.

2. Google maps you have only 2 options to save your location either home and office and you can’t share the location with name identified by that.

3. You can share live location through google maps, not particular location.

4. TOPO provides unique user friendly names to your locations. It’s unique like gmail id.

5. You can use TOPO id in all E-commerce and Hyperlocal delivery (Food, Grocery, laundry, saloon, etc.…) websites while checkout instead of entering whole lengthy address, such that delivery boy won’t hassle you for address identification while delivery.

6. When you register with TOPO App you will get one pin, which is showing on TOP left corner. This pin you need to enter along with TOPO Id while checkout.

7. You can see nearby places to that particular TOPO Id. (In google maps also you can see nearby places for current location, not for every location).

8. You can BOOK OLA and UBER to specific location through TOPO, with TOPO need not enter destination location every time and you will reach exact location. In future versions you can order Food, Grocery, laundry etc. through TOPO App itself.

9. If it is public TOPO id you can share it through offline also because there is no approval required. You can share your location from TOPO App through what’s App, message and all other mediums, the other person need not have the TOPO App.

10. You can create TOPO ids from the website as well.

11. Once you click on saved TOPO, you can live navigate to the exact location.

12. You can choose your TOPO as public/private, if you don’t want to allow everyone to your location you can choose it as private or else if it is business/office you can choose it as public.

13. For private TOPO if someone trying to navigate to your location, you will get a notification for approval if it is first time. Once you give approval you can live track them like where they are now and what time they will reach you.

14. Once you reach destination you can click on navigate once again which is in red color. You can stop live tracking.

15. If you are a business/shop, you can keep it as public and you can register your timings, your type of operations and much more for better visibility.

16. If you are a business with website, you can integrate your TOPO Id in your contact us page instead of showing Physical address. The user can book OLA and Uber from your contact us page itself to your location.

17. You can request TOPO id through TOPO app itself, if the other person is having the TOPO App.

☞ Conclusion

Thus we can say that TOPOAPP is an amazing application which can help anyone to reach the desired location or finding a desired cab to reach the location desired. It can even help to keep track of your colleague’s locations. One can even share their own location with their friends in order to always remain connected with your connections.

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