50 Apps to Track Everything in Your Life

In the 21st century we’ve become accustomed to living our lives with applications – with the handy little gizmos becoming one of the most important things to help us get through the day.

Vouchercloud have carried out an extensive search into 50 of the most useful apps which help you keep on top of every aspect of your life. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most interesting, as well as an infographic detailing the rest.


Expereal – Feel like you’re prone to bouts of uncontrollable mood swings? This app will let you rate how you’re feeling from 1-10, keeping track of how you feel at all times. The data is presented in an aesthetically appealing timeline. (Free)

I’m Expecting – One for the mums. This app tracks your rate of progression during pregnancy, with symptoms able to be compared alongside others mums-to-be at the same stage in their development. (Free)

Lose It – This’ll help you to lose weight by setting goals and monitoring how much you’re putting on or seeing drop off. (Free)


Bedpost – Keep up-to-date with your sex-life (yes, you read that correctly) by having both yourself and your partner enter in data regarding your night-time antics. (69p-£1)

Out of Milk – Forget the archaic method of going through your cupboards prior to every shopping trip. Just use this app to keep a constant log of items that run out, when they do. (Free)

Baby Connect – Keep perfectly in sync with your baby’s needs and requirements – from diapers to naps to feeding time. This’ll help your baby fit into much more of a regular schedule. (£2-£3)


Bananatag – Ever wondered if someone has even received your email? This app allows you to not only see that, but also if they’ve opened it. It also keeps track of how much you’re sending and to who. (Free)

Plan B – Lost your phone without any tracking software installed? No worries, with Plan B you’ll be able to track it via GPS through your Google Account if it does go missing. (Free)


Foursquare – An online review system which allows you to see places your friends have visited and find out what they think about them. You can also leave reviews yourself for them to see. (Free)

Waze – The radio’s all well and good, but it has a habit of not bringing you the traffic news as quickly as you need it. This social system allows you to update your fellow users the second something happens – and also helps to see you avoid congested areas. (Free)

Work & Money

Mint – This app effectively keeps an overall tally of everything which is coming out of your account and presents a wide scale financial picture for your spending. (Free)

Vouchercloud – Keep on top of deals and savings you can take advantage of in your local area to save cash. (Free)

These are just a handful of the many amazing apps we’ve found for you to help keep track of your life. Check out our fantastic infographic below and discover even more apps which could make your life simpler.

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