Why You Should Use WordPress For Building Your Affiliate Website?

Why You Should Use WordPress For Building Your Affiliate Website?

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to monetize your website. In essence, affiliate marketing help promote the products and services of other companies. And when someone buys what you’re promoting, you receive a commission.

Embracing affiliate marketing is inexpensive and simple, you need to set up a website and register with an affiliate program and add links to the product’s website. This will help you earn a commission every time the link is being clicked. But keep in mind that a lot of work goes into an affiliate program and you’ll most likely have to cope up with tough competition, so you can’t expect to bring in money immediately.

What’s more?

Your affiliate website will require loads of traffic, and you need to ensure that your website visitors purchase the products you’re promoting, before you actually see some returns.

When it comes to creating an affiliate website, you can choose to set up a blog or a self-hosted site to get commission. However, to earn good money with affiliate marketing, a viable alternative is to choose WordPress for setting up a website. This post will help you understand – what makes WordPress the most sought-after choice for building an affiliate website?

Little-to-no Coding Is Required

Formerly, creating a site required learning HTML programming to create or modify a site. But, with the advent of WordPress, you can easily set up a site by installing a suitable pre-built WordPress theme. While some WordPress themes are available for free, the premium ones are available at little cost. And so, you don’t have to spend your time and efforts in creating a site from scratch.

There are huge selection of WordPress themes available over the web, allowing you to personalize your site. You can choose a suitable theme that matches up to your affiliate marketing needs, and with small adjustments you’ll have your site ready in no time. However, you might have to work with the coding part in making the adjustments, but you won’t have to do become an expert at coding. You probably will have to paste in some HTML code provided by your affiliate partners into your site.

Enhance Your Website Capability With Affiliate Plugins

Apart from finding great WordPress themes appropriate for setting up an affiliate site, you get to choose from tons of affiliate plugins. These plugins help speed up the process of inserting products, cloak affiliate links and several other handy features, and thereby enhance the capability of your site.

Let us now look at some of the best affiliate plugins worth considering:

• Amazon Auto Links – Often when paying attention to other important aspects of your site, there’s a possibility that you might forget about updating the products of your site. Also, if you’re still manually pasting the affiliate links, it’s time to use the Amazon Auto Links plugin. This plugin automatically displays links of the newly released Amazon products.

• ManageWP – If you’re running multiple affiliate websites, then ManageWP can save a considerable amount of your time in managing all those websites. This plugin enables you to manage all of your affiliate sites from one location, and thus spare you from going through the hassle of switching back and forth between the WordPress admin panel of all your different sites.

• ThirstyAffiliates – This is another great WordPress plugin that helps to create and manage all your affiliate links. The best aspect about this plugin is that it helps to cloak your affiliate links so as to avoid theft of your commissions.

Search Engine Optimization

Remember, if people won’t visit your site, you won’t be able to make any money. And thus, it is very important to bring in good traffic to your site. This can be accomplished by making your affiliate sites optimized for search engines. Doing so, will ensure that when someone searches for the products and/or services you’re promoting via your site, your site appears on the first few results.

WordPress is optimized for search engines, however, you can also choose to install some plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, SEO Ultimate, and All in One SEO Pack to name a few. This will help make your WordPress site more SEO-friendly.

Easy Integration of Adverts

If you have an existing WordPress site, and don’t wish to create an affiliate site from scratch, you can earn money by inserting affiliate ads on your site. Most of the WordPress themes come with enough ad space. If not, you can easily include an advertisement by pasting your affiliates’ code into your theme sidebar widgets or any other widget-ready area. Each of your affiliate will give you different options of adverts, right from text links, to banner ads, etc.

Note: Keep in mind that in order to place adverts, you will first have to set up an affiliate account.

Huge Community Support

With a dozen of WordPress sites available online, it’s unlikely that you won’t come across a problem that hasn’t been encountered by someone before. If you find any problem with your site, there are numerous WordPress support forums out there, over thousands of WordPress professionals ready to help you.

Wrapping Up!

As a business owner, you’ll likely want to make money from your site. A viable alternative is to set up an affiliate website. Such kind of site saves you from spending time and efforts for creating your own products or services to sell, instead it lets you promote other business products and/or services. And you will get a commission each time a product is purchased from your site.

WordPress is the best fit for building an affiliate website. Still confused as to why you should choose WordPress for setting up your affiliate site? Hopefully reading this post will clear all your doubts.

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