5 Video Marketing Tools – All Video Marketer Should Master
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5 Video Marketing Tools – All Video Marketer Should Master

Video marketing has upgraded in recent times. It’s a good method to convey your story, show the human side of your business and understandably communicate complex ideas. But while the video has the power to engage deeply, it has the power to bore viewers to tears – and creating persuasive videos differs from writing, for example, a persuasive blog post. Here are 5 essential Video Marketing tools every video marketer must master. Let’s check it out the list of video marketing tools where All Video Marketer Should Master in 2017. Apart from this If you do content marketing to create backlinks then here you can find the list of content creation tools.

Video Marketing Tools

Windows Movie Maker

Tools that give you access to edit and build on your footage is a must-have for all video marketeers. However, software in this vertical can be very expensive when we start talking premium applications like Camtasia. On the other side, there are some tools that are cheap, and Windows Movie Maker is one that is readily available for all video marketeers. One of the few applications on the Windows operating system, Windows Movie Maker provides basics and advanced features such as the ability to add special effects and upload video to different websites.

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Looking for a way to make your video projects to the next level? Blender can be a tool for you. Open source tools, Blender are a platform that allows you to have captivating visual effects and interactive video features in animated displays. The main features of this tool are 3D modeling, spy video camera, and texture monitoring, as well as video editing. Also included is an integrated game engine that supports the creation of video games. If your goal is to surprise your viewer with spectacular presentations, the blender can help.


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Animoto is another tool for video marketer that has proved to be very useful lately. This web based tool specializes in creating fascinating videos from images and music. As far as images are concerned, they can be imported from third parties such as Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, or Instagram. Once created, they can be shared on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or email by the iPhone Animoto application. Animoto Lite is an ideal tool for commercials-like videos as it limits you to 30 seconds footage. Marketeer with more sophisticated needs can upgrade to Animoto Pro or Plus. Buy Best Video Camera


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Magisto is a marketing tool that puts a different spin on video editing. What this tool does is to make short videos, entertaining videos from your footage. Magisto goes through content, find what its likes and use it to create the best possible video automatically. From there, it allows you to add titles and music to jazz stuff. All the videos you create with video glasses or any other video camera can be easily shared through popular social media. If it were one download to Magisto, it would be like that it takes the control out of your hands. You may find that some projects turn out fantastic, and other will need work.

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Strong social and interactive components have become one of the most popular terms in Internet crowdsourcing. Stroome leverages this concept to create a lively video-based community. With Stroome you can upload your content and then use material from community members to improve it. You can also choose to get help from the community or work on the project all alone. It’s totally up to you. With crowdsourcing being all the rage, it would not be strange to see a few more video editing tools like Stroome come up shortly.

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Video marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s only going to get bigger. As a video marketeer there are more than enough tools for you to market the entire video yourself. In short, it is very essential to launch a video marketing campaign as a marketeer.

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