How Would You Choose Smart Samsung Laptops?
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How Would You Choose Smart Samsung Laptops?

South Korean brand Samsung have become one of the leading names in high quality electronics, edging out rivals when it comes to both value and design. If you’ve decided you’re set on a new Samsung laptop, the hardest bit can be deciding which one to choose. Whether your penchant is for gaming, browsing, or mastering the many apps on offer, there’s a Samsung laptop to suit your needs – it’s just a case of knowing which one is right for you.


For the gamer

To keep on top of all the latest game releases – and to easily facilitate the move from desktop to laptop – the Samsung Series 7 Gamer Laptop is a reasonably priced, tech-heavy option. The sizeable 17” screen towers over a vast array of specs that could easily cost an added £500 if sold individually. With a 2.3GHz i7 processor, 16GB RAM and GTX 675M graphics card installed, even power-hungry games like Skyrim and Bioshock: Infinite will run super smoothly, keeping dedicated players happy at all times.

For the basics

If you just want to get online and aren’t fussed about all the trimmings then the Chromebook Series 3 may well be the laptop for you. It boasts a very long battery life, averaging 7 hours, a portable, light design and is one of the best value devices of its kind around. The Chromebook is geared around online connectivity and indeed, many of its best features are unavailable in offline mode. When connected though, it’s super-fast, simple to use, and very tidy.


For the commuter

If you’re a busy professional whose lifestyle demands a decent combination of tablet convenience and laptop functionality, then the Samsung Series 9 can offer both in a compact yet professional-looking machine. It carries enough power to draw up that important graph while you try not to doze off during the Tube ride to the office, and is smart enough to adjust the backlight depending on its surroundings. When you’ve worked a full day and your eyes are struggling to ingest any more LEDs, this feature really hines.



For the media whiz

Whether you’re a media studies student or a budding Mark Zuckerberg, if you need a machine that can tolerate advanced software, you’ll have to get the hardware to go with it. The Samsung Series 7 Chronos is the younger brother of the Gamer, which means it is cheaper and more compact but also has some of the power of its older peer.

The real draw for this machine is its portability and fully kitted-out multimedia cache. It comes with Windows Professional pre-installed and its 15.9” screen is fully HD optimised, allowing you to push the resolution up very high indeed. It also sports four USB ports, an Ethernet port, a VGA port and a HDMI output – so if none of that means much to you then this may not be your kind of laptop!

Ultimately Samsung Laptops offer something for everybody – but choosing the right rig can be crucial. Make sure you’ve got all the facts before you decide, and remember: spending a little extra time browsing never hurt anyone!

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