WIX & SEO – Website Builder For Creating SEO Friendly Website
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WIX & SEO – Website Builder For Creating SEO Friendly Website

Why WIX an ideal platform for creating SEO Friendly website? What’s the great ideas behind WIX & SEO to creating SEO friendly website

Managing the SEO of your website is the most important thing you can do to promote your services. A good SEO can fire your business to the top of Google search results and help in getting a steady stream of organic traffic (which is always very well valued).

Now you are looking to how to make a website but you have no idea how to do?
Nowadays there is not much to worry about, there are many services online that offer the ability to create a personal web site, providing space and resources to create websites with many features easily and intuitively, naturally without the need of having to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
One of these online services that allows you to create websites is Wix.

In this article we will talk about why you should choose Wix to create a seo friendly website and why this kind of “do it yourself” services is an ideal platform for creating a SEO Friendly website.

Fortunately for Wix users, you can easily configure SEO settings  from the editor itself! Here are just a few of the things you can do to start improving the SEO of your WIX website right away.

  1. Customize the titles of your page

Just like every chapter in your favorite book has a unique title, every internal page on your website also deserves an established name. Adding unique titles to each page of your site not only makes it look nice and organized, but also helps you for your website’s SEO

H1 titles are tracked by search engines like Google in order to categorize your web pages. Giving each page of your site a brief, clear and descriptive title will give Google a better idea of what this is about and will help with your total SEO score.

  1. Google custom titles for your pages

SEO Meta Title and meta description is the most important factor to improve SERP of your website and get good number of traffic and results on particular search term. Because not all pages on your website have the same information, it is important to designate meta titles and brief descriptions of all the important pages of your site to help potential customers find the exact information they are looking for.

  1. Hide less relevant pages

Not all internal pages of your website deserve the attention and efforts of Google. Some pages (such as specific regional pages, landing pages, or password-protected pages of employees) are best left out of sight of search engines.

  1. Label your images

Images can help in styling your website and also help in promoting your online presence. You will need to optimize the images by adding descriptive alternative alt text for each of your images. With features like Wix Editor you can easily add alternative text to images.

  1. The Wix SEO Wizard

The Wix SEO Wizard is a wonderful tool that guides you step by step to improve the SEO of your website. This tool is very friendly and gives you easy-to-implement recommendations to increase the visibility of your website.

  1. Be social With Wix

Now you have built a website using a customizable Wix template, you may have noticed that social icons are already part of the template design. Make sure these icons send customers and site visitors to the social pages of your business by following these simple steps. For more information visit how to create a website.

  1. Use keywords of “specific pages”

Each page of your website plays a different role. Be sure to emphasize certain keywords in the titles and content of all your internal pages.

  1. SEO with Wix App Market

The Wix App Market offers great SEO applications that can boost your SEO ranking. These applications helps you track your keyword ranking and offer you great tips to improve your SEO.

All we can say in the end that Wix is an ideal platform that allows you to create your own seo-friendly website in a few hours with quite elegant results that requires no necessary programming skills. SEO features of Wix  are so strong that your website wouldn’t need any separate SEO expert or even a SEO agency to boost the ranking of your website. Wix is also known as a “drag & drop” website builder. It has a very friendly interface, extremely easy to use and allows you to add many effects, shapes, images and any thing you need. In addition, you are provided with free hosting with a using the domain “name.wix.com” or else, you also have the option to pay for a custom domain. Wix offer a wide range of templates, you can also create your site from scratch.

It offers speed and the possibility to CREATE YOUR web page in few minutes. Wix SEO allows you to have visibility over the internet and can be a good solution.

Wix allows the average consumer to design a website without codes. There is also a great gallery of free web templates that users of this free website creator can customize. The tool is very useful for anyone looking for a creative and simple solution for online promotion.


Savita Singh is the author of computergeekblog, She has a superlative knowledge of Graphic and Web designing. She is a part time and award winning tech blogger who loves to write about latest technology, social media and web design. Her blog focuses on creative things of designing and tech, providing professional opinions on designing products, performances and a variety of business.

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